Deeper Tub with lift-out door for easy access.

Forever Stainless Steel® Step-In tubs are deeper from tub rim to tub bottom than Standard Tubs and Ramp Tubs, so the tub bottom is closer to the floor. A lift-out door allows pets to step directly into the tub without the need for an attached ramp or stair system Step-In Tubs are 24” or 27” front to back, and 48” or 60” in length.

The extra-wide door opening is close enough to the floor in this deep tub that larger dogs can simply step in. A very sturdy stainless steel Canine Step Stool (sold separately) with a non-slip surface is also available, to give older dogs and dogs with physical disabilities an extra assist into the tub.

If you’d like your Step-In Tub to have the Hair Catching System, see the Step-In Tub with Patented Hair Catching System.

If you’d like your tub to have the Hair Catching System and the Bathing Pump Recess + Basket, see the Step-In Tub with Patented Hair Catching System and Bathing Pump Recess + Basket.

Available Sizes

48″ x 24″ (W48)

60″ x 27″ (W60)

Stepping In

Stepping Out

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