The recirculating Power Bather requires only a small amount of water and shampoo in your tub – just enough to allow the pump to work. After bathing is complete, the bath water is then drained and the animal is rinsed with fresh water.

A recirculating bathing system is a very efficient way to bathe animals, with results considered by many to surpass hand bathing. When you hand scrub, you are keeping the shampoo moving allowing the surfactants to break up and remove dirt and oil from the dog. With HydroSurge® equipment, the water keeps the shampoo active, resulting in the same effect. The combing action spray penetrates through even the thickest coat, cleaning right down to the skin. The Power Bather can save you up to 75% in water usage, and 50%+ in time and labor over hand bathing.

The Power Bather may be used with any brand of shampoo.

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