Meets ADA compliance requirements for petwash tubs in the following ways:

  • Undertub clearance vertically and horizontally (for wheelchair access).
  • Rim elevation.
  • Depth (rim to tub bottom) for downward reach compliance.
  • Maximum reach to pet tethering points.
  • Maximum reach to faucet controls.
  • Faucet fixture mounting elevation.
  • No attached undertub obstructions.

Other Features

  • 14-gauge 304 stainless steel. All-welded construction.
  • Built in Hair Catching System (U.S. Patent 7080608).
  • Multiple restraint tethering points welded on for strength.
  • Lowered step-over threshold for dog to enter tub. No door panel needed.
  • Lightweight faucet fixture with mounting hardware.
  • Custom-sized Canine Step Stool allows large dogs easier access into the tub. The step stool cuts the step up into tub exactly in half. Stows beneath the tub directly under the step-over threshold. Easily moved when needed. Much more practical and user-friendly (for both dogs and people) than having an awkward attached ramp to deploy, stow, or maneuver around.
  • Tub bottom platform & mat set for dog to stand on. Gives pets traction and comfort, prevents slipping and sliding on wet soapy surfaces, and helps keep dogs under control.
  • Backsplash-mounted Bottle & Tool Holder Trays.
  • Choice of LH or RH plumbing.

Available Sizes

60″ x 25.5”

Bathtubs for Pets®

If your project is pet-friendly, Bathtubs for Pets® pet care room equipment is the perfect amenity for pets and their people.