Not a full-size tub, not a Mini-Tub, it’s a MIDI-TUB™

Beautifully crafted of 14-gauge stainless steel and fully welded, sized right for small-to-medium animals, the Midi-Tub™ is a space-efficient solution for bathing pets. Includes all of the standard features built into Forever Stainless Steel® tubs. Very stable with built-in brackets to secure tub to wall, if desired. Horizontal back deck allows plumbing fixtures to be mounted out of the way, saving space in the bathing area. Choose RH or LH plumbing. Rolled front edge for stability and comfort.

Enhance the versatility of your Midi-Tub™ by adding the Elevating Platform System** (sold separately). Includes platform with comfort mat that can be used to bridge across at a higher level inside the tub. Smaller animals can be bathed at a level comfortable for both the pet and the person doing the bathing. **US Patent 8220417

The Elevating Platform and Mat Sets for Midi-Tubs™ are sized to allow placement of a recirculating pump and pump basket (sold separately) onto the tub bottom.

PCM3000 Midi-Tub™

  • Overall size: 31.75″ x 27″
  • Interior size :29.75″ x 21″ x 14″

Available Sizes

31.75″ x 27″ (PCM3000)

Bathing Center Options

Faucet Options

PCM Quality Fixture
PCM Lightweight Quality Fixture

Recommended Accessories

Elevating Platforms High & Low
Elevating Platform with Mat for Full Size and Midi-Tubs
PCM Bottle & Tool Holder Tray

Additional Products

Recirculating Bathing Pump
Recirculating Bathing Pump
Drying and Brushing Table
Pump Basket

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