Available only on Forever Stainless Steel® tubs: Now you have the option of a dedicated place to put a recirculating pump. The result is huge savings on water and shampoo! When used in conjunction with a power bathing system, you can expect to reduce water used for the bath by 75-90%, with equal savings in shampoo product.

All “Y” model tubs come with a patented Pump Recess* located at the rain end and lower than the bottom of the tub. The pump recess option includes Forever Stainless Steel’s exclusive built in Hair Catching System* to keep hair out of the drain and out of your pump.

Additional Features

  • Crafted of heavy-gauge stainless steel mesh that will never rust
  • Welded construction
  • Hemmed at the top edge
  • Beautifully finished

The basket is designed for use with a recirculating pump in any brand of tub.

In a Forever Stainless Steel® tub with a Pump Recess*, the Pump Basket sites next to a shorter hair-catching basket* in the drain trough.

In a conventional-bottomed tub the basket sits alone and does double duty to prevent the pump from tipping and sliding during the bath while keeping hair and debris from the pump screen.

*US Patent 7080608

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