Forever Stainless Steel® Step-In Tubs with Hair Catching System* are deeper from tub rim to tub bottom than Standard Tubs and Ramp Tubs, so the tub bottom is closer to the floor. A lift-out door allows pets to step directly into the tub without the need for an attached ramp or stair system. Step-In Tubs are 24” or 27” front to back, and 48”, 52” or 60” in length.

The built-in, high-capacity Hair Catching System* on these Step-In Tub models helps keep pet hair out of drains. This patented design is built into the tub model at the time of construction, and consists of an integral drain trough the entire width (front to back) of the tub on the drain end, with a lift-out stainless steel fine-mesh basket that screens hair and debris out of drain. Special tuck-under feature ensures ALL water must flow through the Hair Catching Basket before going down the drain. *US Patent 7080608

The extra-wide door opening is close enough to the floor in this deep tub that larger dogs can simply step in. If desired, a very sturdy stainless steel Canine Step Stool (sold separately) with a non-slip surface is also available as an accessory to give older dogs and dogs with physical disabilities an extra assist into the tub.

If you’d like your tub to have the Hair Catching System and the Bathing Pump Recess + Basket, see Step-In Tub with Patented Hair Catching System and Bathing Pump Recess + Basket.

Available Sizes

48″ x 24″ (W48HT)

52″ x 24″ (W52HTY)

60″ x 27″ (W60HTY)

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