The extremely sturdy Elevating Platforms with Comfort Mats* are specially designed to be pet-friendly.

For larger animals, the Platforms with Mats are positioned on the tub bottom, providing traction and comfort while keeping the animal’s feet above any running water. For smaller animals, the Platforms and Mats (one or both) can be lifted and turned to bridge across at a higher level inside the tub. This system allows animals to be bathed at the most comfortable level. Includes two Elevating Platforms with Comfort Mats.

A thick PVC coating combined with a unique drainage configuration reduces the risk of caught toenails and pads. The comfort mat with drainage holes gives animals a more reassuring surface to stand on.

Forever Stainless Steel®’s unique patented Elevating Platform System* makes it easy to bathe pets at the height most comfortable for both the pet and the person doing the bathing. For larger dogs, put the platform system on the tub bottom. For smaller animals, simply lift a platform, turn it 90 degrees and place the platform on the front and back ledges to bridge across at a higher level.

With the Elevating Platform System*, a tub can be used as an all-in-one Bathing and Brushing Center.

* Available only on Forever Stainless Steel® tubs. US Patent 8220417.

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