Dog Baths for Single-Family Use

Most architectural-grade dog tubs are fabricated from stainless steel sheet, grade 304 stainless steel with a No. 3 coarse abrasive, mechanically applied finish. This is widely used for commercial kitchen countertops and equipment, which has demonstrated good serviceability. While thinner material is available, 14-gage (1.9-mm, [0.07-in.] thick) sheet will stand the test of time and heavy use in single-family applications.

All joints should be welded for durability and watertightness, with all tub edges smoothed and hemmed to eliminate sharp edges that could pose hazards. A rolled—rather than blunt or squared—front edge is most comfortable for the person or dog that may be leaning over it.

Many pet owners wash their dogs in the same bathtubs used by the human occupants. This method may seem to have an initial cost advantage for the homeowner, since a tub is standard equipment in a residence and does not occupy the additional floor space required for a specific use pet wash. However, this apparent savings can be offset by ongoing maintenance needs to clear drains clogged with hair and the premature replacement of tubs scratched or damaged by a dog’s nails. The tub can also be used for a utility sink to wash other items.

Tubs designed for the human occupants of a home have additional disadvantages when used for pet bathing, including ergonomic injury due to lifting a dog into and out of the tub, and kneeling on an uncomfortable, hard bathroom floor. In addition to being visual blemishes, scratches and worn surfaces are more difficult to disinfect.
Adding a pet wash to a home adds enjoyment for the homeowner and pet alike. Having the ability to use the tub to wash additional items both big and small, makes the return-on-investment worth it.

Forever Stainless Steel is truly the world’s leader in quality, durability and design for single-family applications.

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